UFRAD ( Turkish Franchise Association) and BMD ( United Brands Association ) PUBLISHED ‘’ THE JOINT PRESS DECLARATION ‘’


Franchising sector and two big representative of brands, UFRAD and BMD, published joint press declaration for “ problems and solutions in pandemic and further process.”

The UFRAD and BMD shared their views on the issue by publishing a joint press decleration on "the corona process, its subsequent problems and solution suggestions". The two associations have determined a common road map.

Accordingly, the measures package as follows by UFRAD and BMD;

  •             Due to pandemic, evaluating of the enterprises closed by the state or their owners within the scope of "force majeure" for 3 more months.
  •             Right to terminate for business tenants by the end of 2020 without compensation, notification indefinitely,for once.
  •             Postponement of execution procedures for lease receivables until 30 September.
  •             The hotel and restaurant standards introduced within the scope of COVID-19 are also valid for the food courts called "Food Courts" in cafes and shopping malls, creating eating and drinking areas in the open areas of shopping malls.
  •             Extension of the short time work allowance for another 3 months.
  •             Providing opportunity for those whose tax debt structuring is broken.
  •             Determining the very high shopping mall expenses in an open, clear and transparent manner with the agreement of the tenants, placing an upper limit on common expenses.
  •             Allowing tenants who wish to remain closed based on their own evaluations, even if the shopping malls are opened.
  •             No rent from businesses as long as they are closed, and rent on turnover after opening. If necessary, reevaluating the situation by looking at turnovers at the end of August.