The Board of Directors meeting of UFRAD, under the general presidency of Istanbul Aydın University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Mustafa Aydın, was held in October 9, 2013 at Istanbul Aydın University Florya Campus with the participation of Osman Bilge, Ahmet Polat, Gürkan Donat, İlhan Erkan, Alpay Erus, Cem Koşmaz Medyafors Fair Org. General Manager Aycan Helvacıoğlu.

Medyafors Fair Org. General Manager Aycan Helvacıoğlu stated that the fair organized this year is more productive than the previous years and that the 2014 fair will be held between 18-21 September 2014. In the meeting which included UFRAD President Dr. Mustafa Aydın’s presentation on UFRAD’s activities, events and cooperations, Dr. Aydın emphasized that both local governments and firm owners can work together to achieve the goals with stability and determination. The branding process may be difficult but that should be no obstacle on the way to achieve it, he added, saying that as UFRAD, they are ready to provide all kinds of support.