UFRAD committee attended the ‘Brand Training Seminar’ organized by Siirt Governorate and Chamber of Commerce and Industry and had the chance to tour the location. Speaking at the seminar, Dr. Aydın said, "If you can make a difference, you will have a chance to compete," emphasizing the importance of branding.

"Brand Training Seminar" organized by Siirt Governorate and Chamber of Commerce Industry was held in the conference hall of the Chamber. UFRAD President Dr. Mustafa Aydin, coming to Siirt on his invitation to the seminar, met with Vice President Haluk Okutur, Secretary General Osman Bilge, Board Member Gürkan Donat and Governor Ahmet Aydın in his office. Aydın and UFRAD committee made the opening ceremony of the library, opened in Siirt Şehit Orgeneral Eşref Bitlis Elementary School and named "Dr Mustafa Aydın," then visited Aydınlar (Tillo) district, touring the historical and cultural places.
Dr. Aydın, stating that Turkey has 1800 brands in the seminar held in Siirt Commerce and Industry Chamber said: “If you can create awareness in everything that is necessary for human beings, you have the opportunity to compete. Whether you're a carpenter, car mechanic or baker, you exsist as much as the difference as you make, and making a difference means being a brand." Emphasizing the need to develop a business concept that aims to transcend the borders of Turkey, Dr. Aydın also underlined that brand is equal to quality and said: Anyone can prepare Biryani. However, not everyone should be the same. If you are not felt in the area where you exist, if you are not preferred, you are absent. Therefore, you need to be felt in your industry. The abandonment of being a brand is patience and creating a brand means digging wells with needles. We need to build our brands as if they are our kids. If you want to be a brand, you have to be altruistic and selfless”.

In his speech, Governor of Siirt Ahmet Aydın emphasized his satisfaction with the increase in investments in the region together with the solution process and stressed that Siirt has products that could be a trademark. Haluk Okutur, who shared the success story of Simit Sarayı with the investors in Siirt, said, "To create a strong brand, it is necessary to do very detailed research and work hard beforehand." Gürkan Donat, a member of the Board of Directors, stated that they had great chances of becoming an international brand when compared to the past and mentioned the state support.

Lastly, Osman Bilge, who made a presentation on 'Branding and Franchising System', stated that the most important point when choosing a franchise is that the investor should do a good research to find the most suitable brand and the brands that will give the franchise should find the right investors to move the system forward. At the end of the seminar, Siirt TSO Vice President Özgür Çalapkulu thanked Dr. Aydın and all UFRAD Board Members and Dr. Aydın presented him a UFRAD plaque.