UFRAD June Roundtable, sponsored and hosted by Sheraton Maslak Hotel, brought together investors, brand owners and entrepreneurs. After the meeting with the presentation of Güven Borça, Brand Consultant, dinner started.
UFRAD June Round Table Meeting was sponsored and hosted by Sheraton Maslak Hotel. This month's guest of the UFRAD Roundtable was Güven Borça, the famous brand consultant.
In his opening speech at the conference attended by many investors, brand owners and entrepreneurs, Dr. Mustafa Aydın said: ‘Turkish entrepreneurs are now aware of the importance of branding. Our sector is getting stronger and growing every day. However, it is important to set up our franchise system with correct and confident steps. As UFRAD, we always support Franchise brands both in Turkey and abroad. Our goal is to help Turkish brands get the place they deserve by helping them open all over the world.’

Stating that we have come a long way as a country in terms of ‘branding' Güven Borça said in his speech that 20 years ago many wrong ideas could not be realized due to wrong branding techniques. Borça stated that today's investors are very successful brands possessing the necessary importance to research, feasibility and customer satisfaction, and although this is not enough, it gives us hope for the future. Borça stated that they are working to create world brands from these lands and said: “If we want to be a worldwide brand, it is important to express ourselves with an idea, rather than expressing ourselves with a product. Once you have your idea, you will continue to move forward with confidence to become a world-class brand. Building big brands requires vision, power, appropriate media and knowledge. In Turkey, these savings are newly composed, the competence increases by the gradually developing companies.”

After the meeting Güven Borça, who Dr. Aydın thanked, said that he was happy to come together with the franchise brands and thanked them for the successful chains they created. After the conference, all the participants continued the evening with dinner.