Officials of the Ministry of Commerce and UFRAD Board Members attended the meeting held in May over zoom. The problems, solutions and suggestions were evaluated about franchising sector in the meeting.

T.C. Deputy Minister of Trade Gonca Yılmaz Batur, Domestic Trade General Manager Adem Başar, General Manager of Foreign Investment Emel Emirlioğlu, Eximbank Deputy General Manager Çağrı Altındağ and with the participation of the relevant Department Heads, evaluated the main problems and solution suggestions regarding the Franchising sector at the Ministry of Trade-UFRAD Meeting.

In summarize at meeting;

  1. The evaluation in scope of “force meajure” of closed businesses by state during this process,
  2. Providing tenants of workplaces with the right to terminate without compensation until the end of 2020,
  3. Postponement of execution procedures for lease receivables until September 30,
  4. Offering deferred loan facility for two year up to 3 rent amount and 1 year nonrepaymenyt.
  5. The hotel and restaurant standards introduced within the scope of Covid 19 are also valid for cafe and shopping mall food courts,
  6. Extension of short work allowance process for more 3 months,
  7. Postponent of tax and stoppage payments for more 3 months,
  8. Providing correction opportunity for those whose tax debt structure is broken
  9. Determining very high shopping mall expenses in an open, clear and transparent manner with the agreement of tenants,
  10. Not receiving lease when businesses closed in the shopping centers, also taking a lease on the turnover after opening, even if necessary, reevaluating the situation by looking at turnovers at the end of August,
  11. Property owners on the streets do not receive rent during the closed period, and then a 25% discount is applied,
  12. Not receiving GEKAP Declarations until the end of 2021,
  13. Increasing the deferral period of Eximbank rediscount credits from 3 months to 6 month,
  14. Continuing of deferred credits in April,May,Jume for more 3 months,
  15. Giving support loans to companies in case of serious stock losses in the food sector,
  16. Our request for 25% discount by property owners on street rents views defined.

Afterwards, dear Domestic Trade Manager Adem Başar and President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın held special meeting on the issues of renting over the turnover and determining common expenses together with the tenant and implementing an open and transparent system especially in shopping malls and positive opinions was received from our ministry that the necessary arrangements will be made. All these issues brought to the agenda will be meticulously followed by the UFRAD President and Board Members.