UFRAD Franchising Association and JCI Istanbul have signed a cooperation protocol based on solidarity in entrepreneurship and brand creation, enriching and strengthening brand awareness in society.
With the protocol signed by UFRAD President Dr. Mustafa Aydın and JCI Istanbul President Selen İnal, UFRAD and JCI decided to brand and cooperate with Franchise brands especially for our young investors.

Within the scope of the cooperation, Dr. Aydın stated that they will start working on issues such as developing brand awareness in Turkey, bringing together brand owners with entrepreneurs, connecting national and international investment opportunities with entrepreneurs in the right way, healthy development of entrepreneurship and franchising, providing knowledge and experience sharing as soon as possible.
JCI ISTANBUL is the Istanbul Branch of Junior Chamber International, a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs. Since 1992, JCI Istanbul has been working to contribute to the individual development of young leaders and entrepreneurs through projects and training, and to ensure positive change in society. JCI is one of the leading non-governmental organizations in the world with over 5000 branches in 115 countries. It is branded via social projects. JCI Istanbul, one of Turkey's largest and well-established JCI Turkey branches, admitted to membership in 1987, also organizes Ten Outstanding Young Persons Turkey (TOYP) on behalf of Turkey, held all over the world.