In the meeting of UFRAD Board of Directors Meeting who hosted by UFRAD Member Süleyman Tarakçı / Nalia Restaurant, UFRAD Member candidate application evaluation was the first agenda item.  Then, both great pleasure dinner, UFRAD’s intensive work and experiences about the business travels of the Board of Directors shared discussed in the meeting. It was decided to accelerate the necessary studies to improve the franchise system in Turkey based on reports from Dubai Business Travel, Bursa Chamber of Commerce Academy Seminar, WFC and APFC meetings. UFRAD has begun to support all its members in free basic legal counseling. UFRAD, who aiming to optimally conduct of the franchise system in Turkey, aims to provide all of its visitors with basic legal franchise information. After a pleasant dinner UFRAD President Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Aydın presented a gift to Süleyman Tarakçı, a member of UFRAD, and thanked on behalf of all members of the Board of Directors. The November Board of Directors meeting was concluded with the wishes and requests of all participants.