UFRAD 12th General Assembly Meeting Held


Istanbul Aydın University hosted the 12th UFRAD Turkey Franchise Association Ordinary General Assembly Meeting.
The agenda of the meeting consisted of the presentation of statistical data analysis regarding the current position and direction of Turkey's economy.

Firstly; Asst. Assoc. Dr. Kemal Kagan TURAN stated that each year 75 trillion dollars of production is made in the world and noted that Turkey's share of this production is 790 billion dollars per year. TURAN anaswered the questions of "Where do we stand in the world? How rich are we?" and talked about the continuous increase of the world population and the share of our country in this area; He discussed the population rates and their share in the economy according to these rates, per capita income accounts around the world, the rate of population growth from the past to the present and the reasons for this, technology-based aspects, data on the vitality of the economy stemming from a significant increase in production and emphasized the inventions discovered by our scientists have greatly contributed to the world economy. He ended his speech by saying “No matter how high the success rate is in the individual field, you will surely have competitors wherever you are in the competition”.

TUSIAD Chief Economist born Cem, talked about following topics within the framework of an assessment of the macroeconomic structural problems window of Turkey's economy: How can global growth forecasts, trade forecasts and liquidity develop? Financial conditions, Fed policy, the growth of bank loans, VIX Volatility index, emerging market commodity prices and price fluctuations in the economy, stock indices, world trade, issues relating to the structure of growth and Turkey's growing economy in the structural framework developed economies, graphics and statistical data.

Lastly, UFRAD President Dr. Mustafa AYDIN talked about the formation process and the real purpose of the brand which is a very important part of the economy, the care and value to be given to the brand, giving birth to the brand, growing the brand and protecting the brand, the reasons and reasons underlying a successful brand formation process. UFRAD's importance of this aspect, attitude towards the investors and the best point where they can reach by combining economic power, the beginning and the development processes, achievements and its important place in Turkey's economy and said: “If you want to make a country economically dependent on your own in the 21st century, send your brands to that country so that you can make the economy of the country you want dependent on yourself.”

Meeting concluded by UFRAD President Dr. Mustafa AYDIN and Istanbul Aydın University Rector Dr. Yadigar İZMİRLİ presenting UFRAD plaques to the speakers.