UFRAD President Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın invited both enterpreneurs and brands to Be My Dealership, Franchising and Branded Fair which will be held in 25-28 November,2020. Aydın define that fair have big opportunuties in this year said; “Fair offers efficently promotion opportunity both the Turkish market and to the franchisor brands to the international enterpreneurs.”

Franchising system is one of the most used enterpreneurship applications. Do you mention about the advantages of growing through franchising for brands?

Franchising system is providing to the investor with the opportunity to create equal opportunities in the region by using the knowledge of the brand owner to institutionalize for years. Now, our brands growing through franchising just not only an important player for service export, they become also an important tool to promote our country abroad.  As we UFRAD, are providing “branding” opportunity in global, not only for national we quicken by sharing sectoral problems and solutions to relative ministries.

If we put a number on what the franchise sector in Turkey has reached the point?

The market size of the franchise sector, which reached 45 billion USD in 2020, is expected to reach 50 billion USD in 2021. The number of employment is above 250 thousand people by franchising system which is the only system can turn crises into opportunity. More than 15 thousand investors got involved to this system in 2020. The chain businesses reached up to 3.500, branch related with chain businesses to 65 thousand.

What kind of advantages of the system for franchisees?

Investors who want to grow with the franchise system benefit such as low amount of required capital, motivation of the entrepreneur, standardization of the system, faster gain and control mechanism with a recognized brand.

How does the Daily growing franchising system in Turkey affected by coronovırus?

We are one of the most affected sectors. Especially the food sector because closed by the state and have serious problems in shopping mall centers about rents. We offered the problems and their solution suggestions in cooperation with TİM, DEİK, BMD and relative ministiries As UFRAD, we are very happy to conduce for providing positive feedback and application facilities to many of them. We became the voice of our brands with the reports, webinars and consultation meetings we prepared, in close contact with both the public, industry stakeholders and our members.

Which initiatives come into prominence during the pandemic process? How will this situation affect business manners?

I think the pandemic has been a turning point in our lives. After this epidemic, we saw that I think that all businesses and investors who do not compromise on quality with less staff will attract more attention. In fact, companies that could catch investors with only the best quality and service before the epidemic now have to add digitalization to their success goals. The use of digital platforms is now a necessity. The brands that can use these platforms most efficiently will come into prominence.

How to determine the marketing strategies of the brands who want to move ahead of competitors in this period?

Due to the process, we have observed all together how much the online trainings, zoom meetings and webinars stand out with the home office working. Actually, as I noticed above, digitalization is also important in here. Brands shpul use the all channels of digital marketing. Brands that make serious investments in this direction will be able to easily reach younger and more dynamic entrepreneurs.

Which criteria pay attention to should entrepreneurs who want to enter the franchise market in this process?

Although being an entrepreneur is considered risky, it is the strongest force that can increase employment. Franchising is a marketing and entrepreneurship system that gives importance to consumers, which is the most important element of modern marketing, and enables them to win with a systematic and mutual "win-win" system. The all enterpreneurs who wants to enter should be careful for 5 key criteria; entrepreneurship, franchise, license, business, investment.

What future expect franchise marketing after the epidemic?

Actually, coronavırus should provide more opportunity to evaluate enterpreneurship option with franchising system. In the new period, I think that franchising marketing will progress rather than decline with the low amount of capital and credit facilities provided by many banks.

What steps should be taken next to develop and grow the sector?

Today, customers rightly want to use their time effectively. Therefore, they desire to purchase quality goods and services as soon as possible. This is possible by shopping from stores where products that demonstrate their quality and brand are sold. At this stage, the importance of franchising and digitalization is revealed once again.

What steps are you, as UFRAD planning to take from now on to develop and grow the sector?

We want and support more of our brands to open abroad and participate in Turquality and brand management programs. In addition, our UFRAD Academy trainings and certificate programs continue to ensure that the franchise systems are carried out in the most accurate and healthy way in our country. We will continue to represent our association and member brands in economic platforms, our monthly roundtable meetings, workshops with which we are in close relations such as TİM, TOBB, TÜSİAD, MÜSİAD and which we are the founding member of DEİK, the term president of the World Franchise Council and the Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation.

In addition, "Be My Dealership Franchising and Branded Dealership Fair" is an important platform for bringing Turkish and world brands together with domestic and foreign entrepreneurs every year. Fair offers promotion opportunity both Turkish marketing and franchisor brands to international enterpreneurs. At this point, brands that want to give a franchise can choose among entrepreneurs who can act in accordance with their brand values and growth strategy by evaluating many local and foreign entrepreneurs together with such events.

In terms of entrepreneurs, it offers great opportunities to make feasibility about the areas to be invested, to see the business trends in the world and to discover new business areas. It is beneficial for the entrepreneur who wants to give franchise to hold bilateral meetings, to get to know each other, to see the potential of cooperation, and to lay down the foundations of business partnership. We will bring together the leading brands of our country and the world with investors in our fair, which is one of the largest franchise fairs in the world, as we do every year, on 25-28 November 2020. UFRAD Franchising Association, which holds the pulse of the sector with the franchising fairs which supported for 29 years and brings together brands and investors from all over the world, is ready toits visitors for the 18th time this year on 25-28 November 2020 with the cooperation of Media Fors.