The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Franchise Federation was held this year, and the round table meetings of the International Franchisers were held with the participation of the Executive Board of the European Franchise Federation within the scope of the 24th International Branded Franchising and Franchising Fair organized in our country supported by UFRAD.

The EFF Policy Board hosted by UFRAD in Istanbul on October 15 was organized with the participation of France, Belgium, Holland, England, Italy and Turkey.

The previous meeting resolutions were reviewed and approved. The European Franchise Federation discussed the reorganization of its structure in Belgium and created a roadmap.

Ideas and suggestions were discussed in order to carry out the activities in which the members will take part together and to increase the support aid influence of the EFF on is members. Negotiations were made on 2015 projected and actual budgets.

The Dutch delegates informed the EFF and informed them about the process upon the announcement of the Franchise Ethics and Rules, which the Dutch government wants to issue, UFRAD President and EFF Vice President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydin emphasized that it would be very positive for EFF to continue this tradition which was started in Istanbul by participating in EFF members' franchisors roundtables as well as different member state activities. He also stressed that other member states should organize similar activities and this start should be continued.

EFF President Guy Gras said that a commission will be sent to the German Franchise Association in the coming days on how we can support them and still actively participate as an EFF.