The first agenda item as in every meeting, was the review of the previous Board meeting minutes at the UFRAD Board of Directors meeting in February. Following the agenda where developments on the road map planned to be in the month were discussed and the all Board members were informed about the European Franchising Federation-EFF-, World Franchise Council-WFC- Pandemic Call meetings. UFRAD organizations and events will be placed in the renewed European Franchising Federation-EFF website. UFRAD Association, which adopts non-stop working for its members as a principle, exchanged views on the next webinar issues. In addition, UFRAD will continue to inform the industry, franchise representatives and all relevant stakeholders through press releases and reports. Sectoral developments during the pandemic, were also included in the February meeting. It has been reported that a project will start on “Social Franchising Initiative”, which is a social entrepreneurship method and attracting attention in Europe.The meeting ended with the wishes and wishes of all participants.