At UFRAD's monthly roundtable, three important issues for the franchise sector were discussed. The participants exchanged views with the Chairman Mustafa Aydın.

UFRAD Round Table meeting was held on Wednesday, May 22, 2014, hosted by Istanbul Aydın University.
The agenda of the roundtable meeting was discussed with the strategies of reaching the right investors in Turkey and abroad, the preparations required by the brands before the fair, the benefits of internet and social media to the franchise sector and the usage methods.

After the opening speech given by UFRAD President Dr. Mustafa Aydın, the meeting began. Mustafa Aydın spoke about the problems of the sectors, new trends, expectations, new opportunities and opportunities, all the positive/negative experiences. He also shared his views on what should be done to reach the right franchisee. Aydın said, "In order to make the right move, it is necessary to know the law of the countries. It is also important to know that romanticism and the economy do not work together.”

Firstly, Franchise Consultant and TAB Food / Burger King Franchise Manager İlhan Erkan gave information about how to reach the right franchise and explained his thoughts on the importance of international branding and the ways to follow. Erkan said, "Time, experience and infrastructure must be solid for the development of the brand. Let's not forget that every commodity has a price, but we do not like to spend money on information.”
The participants also expressed their thoughts. Jag Club Chairman Ahmet Polat, while explaining his views on the subject, told the strategies and projects followed by the brand Jag Club, emphasized the importance of branding abroad and talked about the success of his company in this regard.

After this speech, Aycan Helvacıoğlu, General Manager of Medya Force, gave information about what the exhibitors and owners should do before the fair.

Helvacıoğlu presented the following views "Special stands and designs are required for fairs. It is also important to keep relations with the investor intact. Press releases, campaigns and promotional films should be made while attending the fair.", emphasizing the importance of the subject.

In addition to the subject, Chairman Mustafa Aydın stated that the stands should be clearly understood, the importance of working with the fair and the most important issue should be emphasized in the following words; "This work needs an owner, need the father, not the son.”

Gürkan Donat, General Coordinator of Pergel Publications, gave information about how we can make Social Media and Social Media Channels effective in the franchise sector, which is the last agenda of the meeting. Donat said, while emphasizing the importance of social media management campaigns by addressing the audience, using the right place at the right time to create a fast and healthy return to the social media, so that the companies can create their own followers and customers of social media, that this is one of the healthiest methods.

Dr Mustafa Aydın, one of the most effective users of Social Media, gave information about what companies should do about this issue, while stating that the basic rule of being an international brand in the franchise area is the role of the website in promoting the brand in different languages. He also emphasized that it is necessary to publish in at least two languages.