UFRAD members discussed the "New Normally Franchise" issue, in the sixth webinar, August. Participated UFRAD members shared their opinions and exchanged views on the issue.

UFRAD, who organize a webinar and moderated by Secretary General Osman Bilge, offered solutions to what should be done in the franchising sector during the pandemic process. UFRAD Members with the intense participation shared their solutions on the following topics:

  •             The epidemic measures have loosened, but the number of customers is still low, except for those who sell the take-out foods and supplies. The customer capacity is limited, consumption has narrowed, schools are closed, people does not want to travel around much. Thats whats gonna happen in the new normal, we have to adapt ourselves it.
  •             The retail prices in parallel with supply costs increased, market accepted price hike.
  •             Online order and take-out service networking need to set up,  home- officce working increased even if the quarantine ends.
  •             Money is precious, investors are timid, brands should reduce the investment amount by easing the concept.
  •             The customers are low, the staff has been reduced. Costs should be reduced and working profitably by simplifying the concept and increasing efficiency.
  •             The priority of the chains is not to grow, but to pass the hard days solidly. Simplify the concept, cut costs, run production efficiently, fuse chains, get partners, etc. There are those who do.
  •             Be My Dealership? Franchising and Branded Fair was put on the same date as the Food Fair between November,25- 28, after the opening of the schools was postponed. Food Fair is one of the most established fairs, there were more than 50 thousand visitors in last year. Thus, the food fair visitors will be able to go directly to our fair this year.
  •             Strong brands used to allocate high budgets for special stands, almost competing with each other. This year, savings will be achieved with triangular stands used for the first time.
  •             Medyafors will make announcements to portal members and entrepreneurs through the press. Franchisees, shareholders and funds who want to invest in chains, foreign investors will be invited to the fair.