The 18th Be My Dealer Fair, Franchising and Branded Dealership Fair, which we organized with the support of Medya Fors Organization and UFRAD, was held simultaneously with the world-famous "Food Istanbul" fair of CNR Expo between 25-28 November 2020.

Despite the pandemic process, participating companies stated that the negotiations resulted in positive franchise agreements and they were satisfied with the visitor synergy. Industry professionals from more than 100 countries met with local and international participants at the fair in 2020, Be My Dealership, which is one of the most important platforms for the growth of the industry. Foreign investors, who mediated for national brands to appear in the international arena and signed important business partnerships in recent years, also attended.

The exhibitors and visitors were informed about the Franchise system with UFRAD seminars in this year as every year by opening a door for thousands of investor candidates, ARMİYA Software Board President Mr. Ali İhsan Tuğ held a seminar titled "Software Solutions in Franchising" on the first day of the fair. The Secretary General of the Association and the Board President of Franchise & More Consultancy, Mr. Osman Faik Bilge held a seminar titled” How Franchising Earns, The Importance of Branding” on the second day of the fair. At the end of the seminar, the pleasant conversation realized with his clients.

“Turkish Brands Are Opening to the World”, the process of branding in companies, from the protection of the trademarks with registration and patents to the success stories of these franchisor companies, was discussed on third day. After the panel, successfully institutions those working on product safety received a thank certificate.

One of our members, Adres Patent Board Member Ali Çavuşoğlu said; this new consumer model, shifting from counterfeit and similar products to branded products, caused the number of patent applications to break a record in the last 8 months. It is expected to reach 160 thousand at the end of 2020 while 110 thousand patent applications last year in Turkey.  Referring to the importance of domain addresses as well as registration and patent procedures, he also emphasized that sales from digital channels are increasing and it is not clear how long this situation will last, and that social media account names and domains should be protected especially.

Moreover, one of the UFRAD members and David People Coffee Brands Coordinator Mr. Can Sepkin said “We serve our customers not only with coffee but also with world cuisine, but we are one of the first companies that come to mind when say coffee. We have very clear rules when giving franchisee, for example, the dealers will open must be at distances will not affect each other in kilometres, otherwise we do not give franchisee”.

UFRAD Auditing Board and Lawyer, Mr. Süleyman Mert Soysal realized a seminar titled “Branding of Franchising Companies in Turkey”. The seminar responded to all curious legal franchise issues during the pandemic process. The "force majeure" and the pandemic effects on brands and franchise agreements discussed. UFRAD Franchising Association gave plaques to all seminar speakers.