Principle Of Clarity

1. Information about the franchisor;
This section contains information about the main franchisor or Turkey representative such as the full name, address, status (incorporation, limited, joint-stock etc.) as well as the area of activity. It should also be noted how long the company has sold its franchise system by name.

2. Names and Business Experiences of Managers and Members of the Franchisor Company;
This section contains information about the last 5 years of work experience of the company managers (general manager, assistant general managers, finance-marketing-training-business-franchise relations department managers). The location, subject and employer should be stated as part of this study. In addition, if the company uses a regional representative or franchise broker, the information about these persons should be provided.

3. Case Records;
In this section, all legal cases in which the persons or franchisor mentioned in the second article have been party to in the last 10 years are stated.

4. Consortium or Bankruptcy History;
The bankruptcy and concordat of the franchisor or its managers (general manager, deputy general manager and board members) in the last 15 years should be stated in this section.

5. Definition of Franchise System;
In this section, the franchisees should describe the product network, the sector they are in and the market in a concrete way.

6. Initial Investment of the Franchisee;
The franchisor should disclose all the amount of investment, the form of payment, the time of payment and the refundable portion of the investment required for the franchisee to obtain the franchise right and establish the business. In addition, the recommended working capital should be specified in this section. Whether or not the same franchise fee is collected from each franchisee, if not, the method and formula used to determine this fee should be disclosed. The franchisor should also indicate what purpose he / she uses in the money received general.

7. Recurring Payments;
All periodic payments to be paid to the franchisor must be indicated. These are payments such as franchise entrance fee, franchise usage fee, leasing, royality, advertising fund and rent.

8. Shopping Obligations from Specified or Approved Sources;
If the franchisor introduces such obligations to the buyer, it must clearly state which vendors to use for what purpose and whether he / she has a business relationship with them. The franchisor must disclose all equipment, inventory, signage and other services and materials that the franchisee must purchase, rent or lease, together with the features and requirements applicable to them.

9. Financing Package;
Franchisor gives all details of the financial assistance to the franchisee.

10. Responsibilities of the Franchisor to the Franchisee;
All the assistance that the franchisor will make to the franchisee before and after the opening, the services and responsibilities to be provided are explained in this section in a concrete manner. The training to be provided, the duration of the training and the assistance to be shown in the choice of place should be explained.

11. Restrictions and Prohibitions on Sales and Protected Areas;
The definition of the products and services to be sold by the franchisee and the geographical region that the franchisee can sell is made in this section. An explanation should be provided for each restriction applied. In addition, the franchisee should be specified in advance if there is a necessary sales volume for the protection of the area given to the area.

12. Trademark, Logo, Symbol and Names Information;
All information relating to all registered trademarks, logos, symbols and names must be provided to the franchisee in this section. If there is a legal problem in any matter, it should be explained separately.

13. Patents and Copyrights;
Information on all registered patents and copyrights must be provided to the franchisee in this section.

14. Obligation of the Franchisee to Be Present at the Company He/She Buys;
If participation of the franchisee is compulsory, all the participation activities and operational responsibilities that the franchisee must do should be specified.

15. Cancellation, Amendment, Transfer, Repurchase, Extension of Franchise Agreement;
In such cases, the rights and responsibilities of the franchisee and the franchisor should be explained.

16. Statistics;
The franchisor must notify the owners of the franchisees and how many businesses they own. It should also report the number of businesses that have been franchised but not yet opened and how many franchises are planned to be sold in the next year. It must report how many agreements have been terminated, renewed or amended over the last three years.

17. The Presence of Celebrities in the System;
If a publicly known person is involved in the franchise system, the type and form of the relationship should be explained.

18. Financial Information about the Franchisor;
Annual balance sheets and paid taxes must be given to the franchisee in this section.

19. Documents;
Examples of sample franchise agreements and other contracts that must be signed should be provided as part of the franchise information package.

20. Confirmation;
It is the section that the franchisee will sign that the franchisee receives the information package. This section, which consists of one detachable page, is proof that the franchisee has provided the franchise information package.