Our Services

UFRAD Franchise Association, which appeals to individuals interested in branding, franchising sector, private entrepreneurs, self-employed, private and public sector executives, especially in our country's economy:

-Does the necessary researches in solving the problems related to economic (industrial, commercial, financial) and social issues, 

-Carries out publishing activities such as bulletins, papers, newspapers and magazines,

-Provides the information flow by the information service network in the news bulletins that it regularly publishes the economic and legal problems and developments of the franchising sector,

-Reflects the interests of the franchisee-granting companies that have a business system in the political and economic arena and public

-Establishes and supports the relations in transferring the investments of the domestic franchisees to foreign markets, 

-Organizes trainings, fairs, conferences and seminars in Turkey and abroad,

-Supports credit, bank incentives and leasing in the political arena.